Winning Game Policy

Winning Game Policy

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The Winning Game is presented by It is sponsored by You can take part until June 30th, 2019, 12pm. You must be at least 18 Years old. In order to win you have to write a Review of one Listing on our Website  and register for that with your email address. This email address will be used for determining a winner. Theres is a limit of max 3 Reviews per email address. If the Email Adress is not correct, it will be dismissed. Reviews that do not fit to the GoPink Cologne Policy will be deleted without further warning or acknowledgement. On June 30th all valid email addresses will be listed and a winner will be by chance selected. The winner will be contacted via email and announced by name on our website. Therefore the winner will provide a propper Picture and his Name free to use on our website and social Media Channels.

The Winner wins a 3 Day and Night Stay in Barcelona (4Star Hotel), 1 Doublebedroom for 2 Persons, inclusive Economy Flight from Cologne to Barcelona. Second prices are 2×2 Tickets for Sexy Prideland and 3rd prices are 3×1 Top T-shirt from our Shop.

You can dropout the competition until June 30th, 12pm by writing an email to

Check our Terms and Privacy Policy on our website.

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