Kulturdeck Aachener Weiher

Great Outdoor Location

The Kulturdeck Aachener Weiher is the best outdoor venue in town. Great parties, awesome view on the water and a cool, hip crowd. The nearby forest area is also well known as a cruising hotspot and the free green areas around the Kulturdeck are used in the summer for great barbecues with friends.

In the afternoon you can also enjoy some coffee or a drink there in the sun.


AUDIENCE: Queer-friendly, mixed and rather younger crowd

PRICES: average prices

FUN FACTOR:  Super High


3 reviews to Kulturdeck Aachener Weiher

  1. Lars Wehlte
    Lars Wehlte

    Super cool location


    I’ve been to the “Frühlingserwachen” event and it was awesome! The people there were so chilled and openminded. such a cool experience.

  2. Trent Gusken
    Trent Gusken

    Super chilling place


    I went to Cologne for 3 days with some friends and found the Aachener Weiher here online. It’s really beautiful, the Kulturdeck ia a great place for Outdoor Drinks and the cruising area near by was great fun^^!. Can not wait to be back.

  3. Sebastian Woineck
    Sebastian Woineck

    Bester Ort zum Chillen!


    Der Aachener Weiher echt genial zum chillen, grillen, Freunde treffen und abhängen. Im Sommer heißt das einfach nur Fun, Fun, Fun ! Man lernt so viele neue Leute kennen und hat einfach nur gemeinsam Spaß. Der Aachener Weiher ist immer einen Besuch wert!

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