Gloria Theater

A Cologne primeval rock of entertainment just celebrated birthday

The history of the legendary Cologne cult club starts with a simple homeland monzette. In the mid-1950s, the gay and lesbian community celebrated wild foam parties in the 90s until the water dripped from the walls where the cinema audience watched the “engagement at Lake Wolfgang” spellbound. When the Gloria Theater in Apostelnstraße celebrated its 60th birthday in September, the good “old aunt” looked back on turbulent times.

Today you can find some of the best Bands, Comedians and Entertainers as well as great, great Parties at the Gloria. Check their Website for the current timetable.


During the daytime you can also have some good coffee and other drinks in the theatre café, opened monday through saturday from 12am to 6pm.

AUDIENCE: Queer, Straight, Mixed Crowd

PRICES: Average Prices

FUN FACTOR:  Very High


Our Instagramer @maxbar_ says:

“The Gloria Theatre is one of the most unique theatres in town. It has a wild history and has been a cultural meeting point right in the heart of the city for decades. You will find great concerts there but also absolutely fabulous parties. During daytime the have a nice café where I love to just hang out and enjoy some cake and coffee. Check their program while you are in town, you won´t regret it!”

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