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The former house prison of the Gestapo with its remaining prison cells and the inscriptions by the prisoners is the most immediate and intense reminder of the terror of the NS period linked to the EL-DE House. The former Gestapo prison as a memorial is the core of the NS Documentation Centre and represents a cultural asset of national and European significance.

Permanent collection:

Adults: 4,50 €
Concession: 2,00 €

Tickets are valid for one day.

Some exhibitions may carry a separate charge.
Free admission for children up to 6 years, for Cologne residents up to 18 years, students (incl. 2 teachers per group), holders of the KölnPass, Cologne residents on their birthday
Free admission to the permanent collection on the 1st Thu of each month (except public holidays): for Cologne residents.

Education Opportunities:

You can also join one of our guided tours, which take place once a month and are free of charge. We also offer guided tours for groups, which are tailored to the age and educational level of participants. These provide you with information on the house, the memorial and core issues of National Socialism. Our educational work is based on expressly taking heed of the Beutelsbach Consensus on political education. This consensus covers the ‘prohibition against overwhelming’, which also includes the prohibition of overpowering students emotionally. The aim of the guided tours is the conveyance of factual, methodological and narrative competence in line with the motto of Walter Benjamin: The visitor is not to leave the museum not more learned but shrewder. (Guided tours by prior arrangement: +49/221/221-26331 – Available in English, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish)

Audio Guide:

It is possible for individual visitors to visit the exhibition with audio guides (2,- €) , which are available in six languages (English, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian and German) and run for more than 3 ¼ hours.



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