Brüsseler Platz

Brüsseler Platz is the centre of the Belgian Quarter in Cologne with the Catholic parish church of St. Michael as its striking landmark.

It is the Hotspot in the summer! A mixed crowd of people are enjoying drinks and chats on the street. You either bring your drinks from home or you can easily get all kinds of Drinks and Snacks at the so called “Büdchen” – small shopping stores in the style of a SevenEleven Shop.


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I love hanging out at the Brüsseler Platz especially in the summer. We actually bring drinks from home and simply sit on the street with friends and chill before heading towards a party or bar then. The gay Party Street “Schaafenstrasse” is super close, you just walk 10 minutes from the Belgian Quarter – perfect!

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There is a very special “Cologne Feeling”, a special vibe that you can feel especially in the belgian quarter and at the Brüsseler Platz. Listening to “Kölsche Music” is part of that lifestyle. One song that you will find on every party is this one by the well-known Band from Cologne “Cat Ballou”:


Hermann Josef Stübben, who worked as a master builder from 1881 to 1898, was commissioned in the first year of his activity to have the walls of the medieval city fortifications with their 12 gates and 24 gates largely laid down and to create a generous and magnificent ring boulevard in their place. With the first breakthrough of the city wall at the Gereonswall on 11 June 1881 and its further demolition, the constantly growing city had the opportunity to expand into the terrain in front of it – the area of today’s Cologne Neustadt – for which a building ban had previously existed. In May 1889 the archbishopric acquired the property on the Brüsseler Platz. Since all of Cologne’s churches were to be oriented towards the cathedral according to Stübben’s ideas, a provisional brick building was built within 100 days in 1894 according to plans by Heinrich Krings, which was consecrated on 29 September 1894. Between 1902 and 1907 the square was designed as a large open space, with the church in the centre. In the years 1981 and 1982 the Brüsseler Platz got its today’s shape.

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  1. Antonie

    In Summer a place to be


    Allways full in Summer, really nice atmosphere and great people.
    Also including a public toilet there, so u dont have to worry about it! 🙂

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