Aachener Weiher

Great recreational area and cruising Hotspot

See and be seen: The Aachener Weiher and the adjacent Hiroshima-Nagasaki-Park in the heart of Cologne is a meeting place for everything that’s hip: sportsmen, barbecue fans, scene goers and flirters get together here and make sure that it gets very, very crowded, especially on warm summer nights.

The Aachener Weiher and the Hiroshima-Nagasaki-Park are part of the Cologne Green Belt. Located south of Aachener Straße between Lindenthal and the Belgian Quarter and just a few minutes’ cycling distance from the University and the trendy Ehrenfeld district, it is the perfect meeting place for young and young-at-heart people from Cologne who use the meadows around the pond for sunbathing, barbecuing or flirting. A lot of skin and fashionable show skating are of course included.

On sunny summer days, the early morning hours belong to the joggers and dog owners, but at noon at the latest, the meadows fill with sun worshippers and those seeking relaxation. A beer garden and a kiosk provide refreshment when the sun is burning, because the Aachener Weiher is definitely not suitable for swimming because of its rather high, fortified bank and its low, not always clean water – especially as it is not allowed.


The Aachener Weiher is also known as a great outdoor cruising spot! Especially in the summer Hunks, Twinks and Bears meet in the woods around the upper left area. 😉



Cologne´s very own @cassy_carrington says:

The meadows around the “Aachener Weiher” pond are considered to be the ugliest park in Cologne, but every sunny day young people meet to barbecue, make music, play sports or simply relax. Especially in summer Cologne’s most colourful meadow, also with its own corners for queers and at night also popular for other activities.

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  1. Benjamin Völler
    Benjamin Völler

    Excellent location


    We were here in the evening with a group of 20 colleagues in great weather to drink Kölsch at their Biergarten. Our service was fast and friendly, the next fresh Kölsch was on the table as soon as you had finished drinking. I thought it was good!

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