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About GoPink! Cologne

About GoPink! Cologne

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We want to welcome all humans from around the world in Cologne! No matter what Color, Race, Sexual Orientation, Culture, Football Team, Age, Fan Club or Food Ideology you may belong to.

The only thing we ask in return: Please do the same ♥️

The GoPink! Cologne Team has travelled the world. Our Creator Mirko has lived in the USA for years, travelled all over Asia, North America, Europe and thanks to his love to Frida Kahlo has spent quite a while in Mexico. As a queer, single traveller he always tried to get queer travel tips and infos from the internet. Most the infos he found, were old, not up to date or could just be found in the native language. In Tokyo for example, some bars are actually hidden in the upper floors of apartment buildings. Without the help of locals, it is very hard to get around.

And that is the exact help we want to offer you, when traveling to Cologne. Our Team is from Cologne. We live here, we have travelled ourselves and we know, where to go and what you should not miss. We give you the best party tips, places where you can cruise and find dates, but we also want to let you know what great city you are visiting. We want to show you places where queer people lived during the Nazi Time and want to show you what that was like. We want to show you family friendly places and hotels, if you bring your child or your dog with you.

We want to offer a wide range of information for the Queer World Traveller of 2019. And we want to do it with style! Our goal is to provide as many Video Reviews as possible. Take the chance and leave a personal review yourself, when you liked one of our Hotspots while beeing in town.

We support the European Idea of having no borders. We support the European Idea of living in Peace. We support the right of every human beeing to live in freedom.

When you come to Cologne, we want to show you how the people of Cologne managed to rebuild their city after the war and how Cologne became one of the most multi cultured and queer friendly cities in Europe.


When we say #beproudgopink , we do not mean that beeing queer is something to be proud of. It´s a natural thing. There is no need of beeing proud of your hair color, your gender or your heigt either. It´s just human nature. BUT there is no need to be ashamed for any of this either. So when we say #beproudgopink we mean that we all should get rid of what makes us different. We are all unique, no one is the exact same. But we are all alive, we are all humans, we all have the same right of existence. And maybe beeing part of a marginal group helps to understand that a bit better.

So let´s start walking forward and spreading Love, Peace and Humanititty! Thats what #beproudgopink is about!

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